Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Attributes - What To Invest In? (2024)

Hello Godwoken. Do you find your warrior isn’t hitting hard enough? Or that your wizard’s spells aren’t really zapping anyone? It might not be your selection of skills, it might be your character’s stats. At the very core of each character is their Attributes, normally known amongst every RPG game as their base stats. These determine almost everything about your character. From the gear they can wear to even how much they can carry. Luckily for you, I’m here today yet again to help you achieve Divinity.


Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Attributes - What To Invest In? (1)An undead warrior holding a sword and shield

The Real Strength is the friends we made along the way.

Strength, kind of what it says on the tin right? You need it to hit harder. You’re not wrong but that’s not all. Strength will be, if not one of, your primary focus if you want to build a warrior, but also a pack mule. One of the best ways in D:OS2 to get quick easy cash is to steal paintings, but they weigh a tonne. This is where your strength based character comes in. Strength increases how much a character can carry, so you’ll need someone strong to carry those expensive, but profitable, pieces of art back to the seller of your choice. If your character uses Warfare, you might want to focus on your strength but Polymorph also scales from it.

Invest in this Attribute if…

  • You want to use gear with high physical armor.
  • You want to use swords, hammers, maces and axes.
  • You want to lift and move a lot of weight.
  • You want to choose certain paths of side quests that need high strength.


Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Attributes - What To Invest In? (2)A human rogue wielding two daggers

Ready. Aim. Stab.

Often called Dexterity or Agility in other games, finesse is your go to for rogues and rangers. Unlike strength or wits, finesse actually is quite lackluster outside of combat since it is only used for damage. What is good about finesse is the type of characters that need it. Daggers are commonly known to scale from it but daggers can also backstab. Doubling, or sometimes even more, the power of finesse. Finesse is essential for bow users especially as ranged attacks will only use this attribute, including Scoundrel ranged attacks requiring a dagger. There is also potential in a finesse-based Warfare character, as the skills only benefit from the attribute your primary weapon is using.

Invest in this Attribute if…

  • You want to use armor that gives you a good amount of physical and magical armor.
  • You want to use Scoundrel or Huntsman skills.
  • You want to use daggers, bows and crossbows.
  • You want to use a spear and be a finesse warrior.


Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Attributes - What To Invest In? (3)The Red Prince holding a shield

Tis but a scratch.

The most important attribute of any character, constitution. What D:OS2 calls “Vitality”, you’ll know it as your health. Well constitution is what increases it. Whether you’re getting bloody on the frontlines or you’re far away and throwing fireballs, constitution should never be ignored. If this is not your second or even third highest attribute, you might have some problems. Both physical and magical armor can protect you but there are plenty of skills that ignore them and start making that red bar of yours a lot smaller. So make sure that red bar of yours is as big as possible.

Invest in this Attribute if…

  • You need a better shield for better shields.
  • You don’t want to struggle during the early game.
  • You want more health each time you level up.
  • You want to kiss a certain spider later on


Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Attributes - What To Invest In? (4)An undead spellcaster holding a lightning embued staff

Zap, Burn, Boom.

If you want to pick up magic, you’ve gotta be smart to do it. Intelligence is universally known as the essential attribute in nearly every RPG for a wizard. Almost everything magical scales from how well your character can solve crossword puzzles. Like finesse, it lacks a lot of uses outside of battle, but the amount it has in battle makes up for it. It doesn’t matter if you’re barbecuing a Magister, giving a Voidwoken a well needed zapping, or just shooting an oil filled boulder into Alexander’s smug face, intelligence helps with it all. Even scrolls, the one time use free spells everyone can use, benefits from it.

Invest in this Attribute if…

  • You want gear with high magic armor
  • You need to do high magic damage.
  • You fancy wands and staves. They can also benefit from putting points into single handed and two-handed respectively.
  • You want to take advantage of the most skill trees in the game.
  • You want to someday complete a crossword puzzle


Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Attributes - What To Invest In? (5)An undead spellcaster holding a mace and shield.

What was I saying again?

Another universally important stat. Although it is not as essential as constitution, memory is something else you don’t want to ignore.Apart from allowing you to remember where you put your keys and wallet, Memory determines how many skills you can take into a fight with you. If you’re a character that focuses on different skill trees, which is most likely, you’ll need as many slots as you can to not accidentally limit yourself. Often memory is ironically forgotten about since it isn’t needed for gear, doesn’t help with damage, and is almost invisible early game since you naturally gain extra slots for your skills as you level up. What you are never told until it’s too late is that more powerful abilities require more than one memory slot, sometimes up to 3.

Invest in this Attribute if…

  • You want to prepare more skills for combat.
  • Your character has a lot of skills and you don’t like waiting for cooldowns
  • You want slots spare for skills like Bless and Source Vampirism, you’ll need them later on.
  • You want to use a lot of skills that take up more than one slot


Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Attributes - What To Invest In? (6)A treasure chest on one of the coasts of Fort Joy that can be found with high Wits

Look, treasure.

Have you had enough of every enemy moving before you? Increase your wits. Shockingly the attribute with the most uses in the game, Wits is slept on by many. A large amount of quests in D:OS2 even needs you to have a high enough wits. Wits, often called perception in other games, lets you find traps and buried treasure. A stat that helps you get free items is definitely important, am I right? In combat it helps you with a boost to your initiative, letting you go first more often, and even helps you land more critical hits. If you’re using a skill like Daggers Drawn or Onslaught, skills that let you attack multiple times, why not try to take advantage and make you crit more with it. Sadly, Wits doesn’t make you witty, so keep your insults aimed at the other players.

Invest in this Attribute if…

  • You want to move, and attack, before the enemy.
  • You want an easier time doing quests that require you to find hidden doors.
  • You want to land more critical hits. The single handed Combat Skill can also help with that.

In Conclusion

When your amazing character build isn’t working right, it might not be your choice of skills and talents, but your distribution of attribute points. Sometimes, extra points into your wits might make that high damaging rogue land more critical hits and take the enemies out quicker or maybe give your healer extra constitution so they can survive to heal another day. Luckily, if you don’t want to change your character too much, the talent Bigger and Better grants you two free attribute points that might just be what you need. If you find nothing is working and you need a clean slate, the mirror in the Lady Vengeance can always let you redo your entire character for free. I hope this has helped you Godwoken. Now go out there, buff yourself up, and achieve Divinity.

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Divinity: Original Sin 2 Best Attributes - What To Invest In? (2024)
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